Discover the Alchemist formula to transform waste into gold for your waste management company, without creating a secret laboratory.


Every day, the amount of waste produced grows.

That, however, is not something new.

In fact, as the number of people in our world grows, the amount of waste produced grows as well.

Newspapers, magazines, news shows, blogs, and YouTube channels mentioned waste as a global problem. Not only that, but waste is also the cause of a lot of other problems like climate change discussed during the COP26, the destruction of some microhabitats, health problems of some animals, and more and more.

Watching waste from this side seems to be an unsolvable problem.

Or, to put it another way, it appears to have progressed to a point where no one can stop it.

No one, not even the companies involved in Waste Management.

This, however, is not the case.

On the contrary, I am aware that waste management firms are sitting on a gold mine, but they have not explored it to its fullest potential.

What am I referring to?

To their social function.

Yes, since those who work in waste management play a vital role in society. For the time being, your function has been limited to waste collection, management, and treatment.

Yet, believe me, this is only part of your role.

Yes, because you wield so much more power.

To the point that I would define it as a true superpower and, to stay on topic, completely analogous to the power of the alchemists.

In fact, like them, you have the power to transform what is negative (lead) into what is positive (gold) for man. I am confused that this is the greatest and most possible alchemy these days.

But unfortunately, you’re not applying for it.

Also if your company is obtaining interesting results.

What am I referring to?

I’m referring to the fact that your company works only in the last part of its social role: collection, treatment, and disposal.

That’s the common approach used.

And it is precisely because of this approach that waste increases but above all mismanagement is created.

In fact, as I told you, you have an important social role and you must exploit it.

But what is it?

Simply, you can’t just take an action at the end of the life process of a good, a food, a product or a service. In fact you have to be included in the process from its beginning of design.

What do I mean?

Think for one moment about the production of goods like tools or packed food.

At the beginning of the production process the engineers have to think about all the components and select all the suppliers to create the goods.

That’s the most important phase indeed it determines the goods and also the waste produced by the production process.

In fact you could drive the production team to avoid the use of some materials

or to use them considering their impact in the community but, most importantly, considering how to manage them in the proper way.

Perhaps creating connections with other companies from the same area that could be able to use the scraps created to produce other goods.

That nowadays it’s not happening.


Because your alchemist ability is not known.

That’s the problem.

And for that reason, your superpower is limited as were initially limited the superpowers of superman.

Think for a moment what would happen if you were seen as an authority in waste management. People and companies would call you asking for your support in their production process to create the right management of their leftovers and scraps.

That will help the growth of your company but fundamentally will change the results of your business. In fact you’ll start acting at the beginning of the process managing the waste reduction before its production. And also if produced you’ll be able to move the waste in the right direction as a secondary raw material avoiding the consumption of raw materials.

Isn’t that great?

But why is that not still happening to your waste management company?

Let me answer your question.

No one sees you as someone capable of giving this solution.

That’s a marketing problem, believe me.

In fact, you probably have more skills to offer this kind of support to the companies of your area, than others but you’re not seen as an authority in the field.

You’re seen as the owner of the waste company of the city, as the waste manager of the company and nothing more.

But don’t worry.

I told you that’s a marketing problem.

And for that reason is something that can be solved by doing marketing.


Building your authority.

In fact, people respect authority.

And authority begins when you say something about you or your company that positions you or your company as an expert in a particular field.

That means that you cannot be the expert in treating all types of waste but you can be the expert in the management of the electrical steel scraps.

Think for one moment what happens when you enter an Apple Store.

In front of you, there are iPhones, iwatches, ipads, macbooks and imacs.

But when you start to watch an iPad, as an example, the genius (the expert) arrives to ask you if he could help you giving you suggestions and tips to use and apply this ipad in your business etc.

And you, what do you do when he starts to talk to you?

You respect his authority by listening to his tips and answering his questions.

That’s the power of authority.

How authority can be defined in your company?

Authority starts from a complete analysis of the expertise that your waste company has. Expertise that is not only based in terms of abilities but is also based on the perception of your clients.

By doing internal surveys and external surveys (clients, citizens, municipalities) you can understand which is the expertise perceived.

And that’s the beginning.

In fact, by analysing these datas you understand what you and your company are perceived as an authority for.

After that you have to talk about your authority in the specific niche.

To do that you have to position yourself as the expert of the niche. This is a clear marketing activity that you start to do with blog articles, videos, interviews for magazines, newspapers and more and more.

Only thanks to your authority you’ll be able to use the superpowers that you have, transforming the waste into gold as a real alchemist.

It’s a long way but it’s something that can radically change the results of your company, changing totally the impact of wastes on our environment.

Marketing is the only way to increase the positive impact of your waste management company.


For that reason I created Marketing4Waste the First Marketing MasterClass totally dedicated to waste managers and waste companies.

I’m sure that you’re telling now “In my area, there are not too many production companies.” or “Yes but my waste company is focused on urban wastes and I cannot go to every single home.”

Believe me, I understand your objections but what you are saying are just excuses.

In fact

I’m here to help you.

In fact there is one way to learn how to use you

Or rather it’s only working to a lesser degree.

That’s why too many people still talk about waste in a negative way when it’s an important resource.

Because you are watching them from the side of problems.

What does that mean?

If you watch waste from the side of opportunity I’m sure that everything will change. Especially if you are in waste management.

Yes because if you are in waste management you’re seated in a gold mine but you’re only grazing the powder of gold.

I know that you’re thinking “my company is going very well, what the hell are you saying?”

I’m sure that your company is going well but what could happen if you discover that you are only using the power of your company at the 10%.

“Sam, now stop!” I’m sure your face is screaming. You have no idea who I am or what I do.”

Yes, you are correct; I am unfamiliar with your organization, but I am familiar with the frequent blunders that businesses make in the field.

And watching how the medias still talk about the wastes what I can say is that probably you are considering waste as wates and not as a 

But before I go ahead let me tell you a story that will help you change of your point of view.

This story talks about me.

I’m the eldest of four siblings.

My younger sister is a year younger than me, as are my other two brothers, who are 9 and 13 years younger.

I remember very well that when my brother Alex (9 years younger than me) was born and my mother changed our habits in terms of

Plastics, paper, rubber, glass, organic, non-organic, iron, precious metals, electric, and electronics…

These are only a few of the topics discussed and mentioned more and more in newspapers, magazines, news programs, blogs, websites, and youtube channels. 

I know that the common approach to waste is that they are a problem.

Waste management is a precious service, as I mentioned in several posts on my profile and in more than one video, people involved in waste management are seated in a gold mine.

Not only for the waste that they collect but for the opportunity to obtain something magnificent.

If you want to ensure the future of your company, book a Discovery call with us here and it will be a pleasure to guide your waste management company into the future.