Written by Sasanka Dias

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Do you agree with this statement?

Yes, but, if you do not properly manage your waste and do not really understand the value of collecting waste, the answer to the question is “NO”.

Every Monday, the waste collection truck (vehicle) comes to my neighbourhood and they collect the waste we have gathered and kept for them to be taken.

The waste is segregated as solid waste (paper, plastics, etc.) and organic waste. A certain portion of the waste is incinerated and the other portion probably ends up in a landfill.

Is dumping waste in a landfill, a solution?

No, it’s not. It shows that we have not properly managed our waste.

Also, we as citizens should have a clear understanding of consciousness about waste collection. We as humans need to change our thinking patterns. If not, by 2050, the amount of waste produced will increase by 73% in comparison to 2020 (worldbank.org)

Why don’t we think of used goods as secondary raw material?

The real problem we have is recycling/reusing of waste.

There are many things that you can do by recycling the waste we collect. The issue is that most of the solutions end up as ideas which are not executed or implemented.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Recycle?

There are many consequences that the world will face if you do not recycle.

The garbage will pile up


We will need more landfills and the landfills will increase in number; however, dumping in a landfill is not a solution.

Thereafter, greenhouse gases will increase and

Then, ultimately natural resources will be reduced.

How Can We Increase Public Commitment Towards Waste Collection and Management?

1. Raising Awareness Of The Importance of Waste Collection and Management On People

The importance of raising awareness about waste collections and management is crucial, because hazardous waste will cause problems to the waste collectors, etc.. 

Therefore, it should be clearly mentioned as to how waste should be segregated. That’s  the reason why we require awareness. If not, it will create chaos.

2. Identifying Ways To Engage The People In the Collection and Handling of Waste.

A clear change management or behaviour change process should be implemented by engaging people to join waste collection. These programmes should be implemented in a way that the people are being rewarded.


People will be encouraged to collect more waste.

These processes should begin with municipalities approaching the smallest unit of the society, which is the family.

The best method is to start the behavioural change process from the rural families.

3. Driving The People In The Waste Management Process.

To drive people in the waste management process, they should be continuously encouraged.

There is one solution to focus on the above three methods;

That’s marketing.

How Can We Use Marketing To Start This Approach.

The initial approach is to use the most basic marketing methods to reach out to the people.

Generating public relations is a must.

Through these public relations methods it will be convenient to reach the people in the smallest unit of the society.

It’s essential that we inform people of the danger that we would face if we do not recycle in a proper way.

We will let you discover the way to use marketing.

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