From the undisputed leader of the domestic market to the global market: marketing for the growth of your Company

The global market and globalisation itself have allowed the free economic and commercial exchange of goods, opening an international scenario to almost all World countries.
This privilege has been democratically granted to large companies as well as to smaller companies on the marketplace. Even small and medium-sized enterprises starting from the advent of globalisation, have been invited to step onto international stages, to cross national borders that could be too narrow, like a pair of shoes that no longer fit a growing child.

Here it is growth. Were all companies ready, prepared to take this quantum leap, go big, and respond to an international market? The answer is definitely no. Yes, because when a Company is strong on the national territory, it wants to aspire to something more, it knows that it has all the potential to do so, but it must channel it correctly. It is like choosing to play in a higher level league: you know that to do so, you need to have an excellent staff, an extensive roster of players, and your team must be prepared; if not, you may find yourself willing to play a top-level championship, but without really competing for the title: you would find yourself losing all the games, being the last team in the standings and retreating. You would return precisely to where you started; you would be thrown back where you came from.

Your company from the national to the international market

Have you ever heard stories – perhaps living them – in which a company is powerful on the national territory, a real leader. Hence, it decides to throw itself into international business, but without success? It is like crashing into a wall at maximum speed: the result of this action is almost inevitable.

Why does this happen? Why can’t a company that works perfectly in its own Country think of expanding its business abroad without fatal consequences? It can do, but it has to weigh its strength and the risks it can run into. Which? For example, the competition, often underestimated. The larger the market, the more competitors there will be. If we talk about an international market, you do the math.

Warning: this mechanism has happened without distinction all over the World. The difference was made by those who reacted correctly, those who made far-sighted choices, those who knew how to understand and embrace change not only to survive but to establish themselves internationally. What initially seemed like a war on the Highlander, on the last immortal, for the series «only one will remain», has been transformed by many realities as a possibility of change and, therefore, a possibility of growth. In short, a story with a happy ending. The protagonist is a reliable and stable Company on the national scene; the story takes place in an international scenario. The enemies are the competitors; after a whole series of difficulties and vicissitudes, the happy ending. This has not happened for all companies, but many companies have made it. How?

Marketing for your Company: change your business model

The leap in the level you can make does not arise from a run-up to competitors with a reduction in prices, which would end up in debt, but with a radical change in your business model. Here’s how some companies have done it. These have passed from the sale of products to the sale of the experience around the product. This is precisely the added value of the product itself and what the customers want, what they need. With your product, you must offer your customer an experience, which is certainly not reduced to simple gadgets or something like these. Offering an experience is much more!

It is not through gadgets that you attract your potential customer and convince him to become such, therefore to buy from you and not from your competitors. This is not how you will beat the competition. This could turn out to be a bait that no fish would bite, as it would not be attractive enough to catch their attention.

Don’t be treated like a fool. Items like gadgets, to give an example, don’t make a difference in your business. Don’t you understand? It is useless for the various communication and marketing agencies to tell you otherwise, to make you believe that this is the secret to arousing emotion in your customers. Nonsense. These useless items only serve to burn your turnover and your profit margins, giving you nothing in return. What good is a bit if you can’t get any fish to bite? Nothing. You can wait for hours and hours without the hook biting even a fish. Can you afford to spend your time like this? Can you allow your Company to wait for something to bite sooner or later? You won’t keep it standing that way, and you won’t feed yourself or your employees. And how many days can you go on without fishing anything? They are questions that you cannot answer.

Marketing strategy first: the solution for your Company

No gadgets, no useless bait. So how have some companies managed to enter an international market, go out to sea, swim in this ocean full of other fishes, of competitors, and be successful?

There was a key for them, and that key has allowed these companies to open all doors for their international business. They have made careful and targeted choices, very specific marketing choices. They favored a strategy called Marketing First, so they understood that the way to meet an international market’s needs and be a leader was to build an increasingly stable company because it was focused on marketing. On the one hand, marketing is a precise science based on data; on the other hand, gadgets. Do you understand that the scales are unbalanced? One weighs like a boulder and is rich in elements and solutions; the other has the consistency of melting snow in the sun. There is no competition. On the one hand, we find marketing, a firm reality, made up of numbers, real and concrete solutions, on the other a reality in which you play with your money and those of your Company, smoke, and mirrors. How can gadgets be the solution? How can you think your customers are so stupid? Let’s not joke!

What is this Marketing First targeted strategy?

I’ll explain it to you right now. Forget the useless objects with which you can only empty the pockets of your Company. Think about focusing your Company on marketing if you want it to make a qualitative leap and reach an international marketplace. To do this, the first key is to produce content that is useful for your goal, which is sales. It is necessary to ensure that what was previously a simple product now becomes a sort of enhanced product. You will not sell a simple product, which ends there, but a whole experience process to your potential customer. Each product has a story; it was created to respond to a need or to solve a problem of your potential customer; people must perceive it as such, they must grasp its strengths and know that it is what they want, that what you offer – and not your competitors – is what they want. This is why I tell you that the way you communicate your product is central and cannot be the result of attempts without a solid marketing strategy behind it.

These winning companies, which have grown and feel ready for an international, global business, started precisely from marketing. They took step after step to sell their products. They have established a relationship with their potential customer. They have built a targeted communication, in which what they offer perceived by the customer as the solution to their problems.

But let’s talk about you and your Company. Where are you in the transformation of your business? Have you discovered the infinite potential of an increasingly interconnected global market, but you don’t know where to start to enter it? Do you know you have a valuable product but are unable to communicate it accurately? Where does your communication with your prospect get stuck? Why can’t you enter an international market by beating the competition?

The time has come to answer all these questions! Don’t you think? Click here to schedule your discovery call.