Every year, an estimated amount of 8 million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean and it is becoming more and more by every day. Nowadays, waste management is the most important it has ever been. In times of “Fridays for Future ” it’s one of our highest priorities to protect the environment – and ourselves.

Over the course of history, people realised that proper waste management is not only necessary to save the environment but also to keep up hygiene and shield ourselves from diseases that develop when waste is not taken care of. Let’s take the example of Pakistan: every year many people die because of the consequences of living on garbage heaps.
Another point that came to light from time, is that waste has a lot of valuable raw materials in it that can be used again. For example, the life cycle of glass is much longer than using it once. In fact, glass can be recycled as many times as you want to. Therefore recycling has become an important component of sustainability.

Once we realize how much potential is hidden in our garbage, we start to appreciate the significance of waste management companies.

Waste Management Marketing – What do Waste Management Companies do?

You may ask yourself what are the tasks of waste management companies.
They are responsible for the complete waste cycle. Not only the avoidance, further use and utilisation of waste, they also collect, sort and process the garbage.

Since one can see that waste management is fundamental for our day-to-day life and well-being, it is very important that these companies stay profitable to deliver high quality services for society.

Today, waste management companies mainly put their focus on collecting waste from municipalities. This brings the big advantage that people get rid of their waste and our surroundings stay clean. On the other side though, these companies are not dedicating enough attention to another big sector of their business: the resale of secondary raw materials.

Waste Management Marketing – Why is the resale of secondary raw materials so important?

Through the process of recycling, our waste can be converted – not only into the same product again (such as glass bottles) – but also into secondary raw materials.
Secondary raw materials can be used for the production of other products as well, such as park benches that are made from recycled plastic.
This system has many advantages: Firstly, taking material from one – or multiple times recycled objects will make it unnecessary to take primary raw materials from nature. Therefore it plays a big part in maintaining sustainability and counteracting climate change.

Secondly, recycling also provides an opportunity for the waste management companies. Selling their secondary raw materials will help them become economically stronger and grow their business.

Waste Management Companies – How can marketing help you?

This is where marketing plays an important role:
The sale of these secondary raw materials will require a proper marketing strategy in order to exhaust full potential and get the highest rates possible.

One way to achieve this is by upgrading the technologies that are being used to process the waste that is collected. This will allow the companies to manufacture even better raw material and be able to offer better quality – and therefore establish higher prices.

Also, of course marketing your product to your target group through different methods is crucial. Your company needs to be able to communicate the quality of the goods to the market that is interested in obtaining the product. Part of this is segmenting the market, defining the key players that your product brings most value for and getting their attention. Also possible objections such as higher prices and potential current suppliers can be handled through effective marketing. Trusting the strategies of a professional who has done all of this already in this field will bring you even better results without the need of figuring out everything by yourself.

Most of the waste management companies are currently not marketing their business at all. This mainly has two reasons: On the one hand, they don’t think they need marketing. Their business is going well, waste management is an important topic. But the truth is, that most businesses do not expose all of the economic potential that they have.On the other hand, their business is not based on re-sale of secondary raw materials. This can yield a valuable business opportunity for waste management companies.
They don’t exhaust their full potential. Therefore marketing is an important part that will help them expand their success – and finally grow their business beyond the current state.

If you are currently working on growing your waste management business, you should get in contact with us. We are professionalized in this field and will bring to you the best and most effective marketing methods in order to become more successful and the leader in your market.