You have the most innovative, powerful and beneficial technology-product in this world, but you do not generate any attention for it? – Nobody will know it exists.

Therefore it is crucial to commercialise one’s product, especially in the technology industry. The following article will teach you how to.

First off, let’s address what we mean by a “Technology Product”.

Technology products are often developed over a very long period of time, using complex technologies that are widely optimised. It not only includes technical companies, also chemical-, waste management-, and electromechanical enterprises are part of this.

Many times though, the following problem arises: They invest so much time and money in the process of designing, optimising and testing their new products, but after that, they don’t reach their full potential when it comes to marketing all the hard work they did.

Therefore we created a step-by-step guideline on how to properly commercialise your products how they deserve to be and achieve high selling-rates and content customers.

Technology Product Marketing – STEP 1: Define your target group.

Now, we can devote ourselves to the first point of the marketing-strategy: defining your target group.

This step is one of the most important parts of the whole approach. If you don’t define a target group for your product you can very easily run into a big problem:

You market for everyone, and therefore for no-one.

Since this is ought to be avoided, you must genuinely find a specific group of people that are in need of your product and seriously interested in buying it. You should have a persona that represents your potential buyers and know its wants and needs.

Technology Product Marketing – STEP 2: Find your product’s value.

In our next step, you should find arguments why your target group is supposed to buy your product, and not the competitor’s.

Ask yourself following questions:

What’s special about my product? What do I offer that my competitors don’t? Why is my product the most valuable for its target group?

Some attributes that will create an advantage for you might be short delivery periods, high quality, low prices, an elevated customer service etc.

Technology Product Marketing – STEP 3: Choose your channel.

Next off, you must find a channel with which you can reach out to your potential customers. Since you already have a target group defined and optimally know this persona’s habits and can anticipate which platform is the most helpful in your situation.

Digital Marketing for Technology Products

Let’s look at an example in order to illustrate this point.

A company produces items for a young target group, including people from 13 to 20 years. Knowing young people’s habits, you can assume that most of them don’t use Linkedin, nor Facebook.

In order to target as many of these people as possible, you should consider using Instagram or TikTok for social media marketing.

In our case – technology product marketing – we should apply the same strategy.

Find a platform that allows you to speak directly to your potential customers. You can use your social media account to post organic content – inspiring and entertaining people – but you can also utilise social media ads.

Not only social media plays a part in digital marketing. Let’s not forget about paid google ads and SEO.

Offline Marketing for Technology Products

In a more traditional way, offline marketing is still very popular and important. You can for example market your product to potential customers through post, informing them about your product, maybe even send them a sample or give them some other kind of advance, for example with a discount code. Your opportunities are wide open and allow you to get creative.

Another method of marketing your product is through arranging a salesman. He or she can meet potential customers, seeing if they are in need of your product and – if so – introducing it to them. This will also help to create a connection between your company and  and create a connection between you and the potential customer, since it is a more authentic and personal way of bringing the product to the target audience.

Technology Product Marketing – STEP 4: Stay in contact with your customers.

It is extremely important to communicate with your customers. They are going to be the ones that let you know what’s expandable on your product and help you optimise it. So do not make the popular mistake to care about your website or your logo more than your customer’s opinion. It is never a bad idea to ask them what they like and what they don’t like, what they wish for in the future and enter into their wants and needs because this will allow you to fit into their expectations and finally grow your business.

If you carry out your technology product marketing based on this guideline and keep in mind all of the important things, we’re positive you are going to succeed.

We have specialised in helping companies in the technology industry to market their products. Get in touch with us to find out how you can make the most out of your approach.