The MiM® Method

Anamnesis: Analysing the current situation

We are going in an in-depth analysis to find current bottlenecks and suitable solutions to uncover your companies full potential.

Report Zero: Scientific method as the start

The collected data is analysed and verified. We compare incontrovertible parameters that ensure maximum objectivity to our starting point.

Battle plan: Defining objective and approach

Based on our case studies and former projects, we know exactly which approaches bring the best results quickly once we have the overview of the status quo.

Training on the road for the successor

The presence of our marketing interim managers is terminable. In order to keep the achieved results, we are identifying and training the successor.

The 5-step Method has become the real operational Gospel of the Marketing Interim Managers team spread all over the world.

  • It is the scientific method of the Marketing Interim Managers;
  • It is the method based on the 5 Marketing laboratory operations that lead to the achievement of results specifically identified for your business (probably the result you want TODAY is not the right one);
  • It is the unique method to make decisions that escape uncontrollable variables such as courage, business and personal constraints and performance anxiety (and not because the Marketing Interim Manager is a superhero, but for his precise transversal skills.)

Why do you need a Marketing Manager to take care of your company right now and on an interim basis?

Because in the last 5 years, you have lost the competitive advantage over your commercial opponents:

Some laws have changed, or even small regulations that have thrown your product/service into a spiral of sales difficulties;

You realize you are placing your product/service in a market where everyone does the same thing, or a market where there is not a lot of money attached to it, or a market that is rapidly turning into a desert;

There have been important changes in the company. Right now, it is not clear who, how and why makes strategic marketing decisions;

Your company’s marketing sector is poorly organized, it lacks many important skills (market analysis skills, strategy funnel design, automation, copywriting, direct sales).

Someone has put YOU in charge of the marketing decisions but, with transparency and courage, you know you cannot carry out the task in the right way.

In one or more of these cases, contacting a Marketing Interim Manager is the only solution to return to expand your share in the reference market.

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